Monday, May 14, 2007

Worrying about my dear friend Eve Tetaz; arrests on Capitol Hill

Senior D.C. Woman Arrested While Demanding End to Iraq War

For Immediate Release May 14, 2007

Pete Perry, 571-271-1313
Linda Schade, 202-422-5780

WASHINGTON – A 75-year-old retired schoolteacher was arrested Monday along with Cindy Sheehan and 31 others while protesting the war and occupation of Iraq.
Eve Tetaz of 17th Street, NW was part of yesterday’s march from Lafayette Park to Capitol Hill launching the “Swarm on Congress” planned to last until Congress’ summer break. The protestors were arrested in the middle of the intersection of Independence and New Jersey Avenues, SE when a group of the marchers stopped walking, raised an American flag to half-mast. The flag was upside down, a military sign of a ship in distress.
“I cannot allow my government to continue funding these actions in my name,” Tetaz said. “No human being is ‘collateral damage’ – all life is sacred.”
Although affiliated with the National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance and Code Pink. Tetaz said her decision to remain in Independence Avenue following police warnings was because of her Christian faith.
Within the last year, Tetaz has been arrested several times for nonviolent protest. Monday she violated her probation resulting from an arrest in Sen. John McCain’s office, and may face a month in the D.C. Jail.
“I will not stand idly by when so much innocent life is destroyed,” she said.
A retired D.C. public schoolteacher for 30 years, Tetaz is the founder of Life Pathways, a non-profit organization helping single parents become financially independent and trained in the field of health care. A member of the Church of the Savior, Tetaz has been an advocate for the poor on issues of economics and social justice.
Also arrested was Marine mom Tina Richards, one of the primary organizers of the “Swarm on Congress,” and whose son, Cloy Richards, has done two tours of duty in Iraq.
“We cannot allow Congress to continue funding this illegal and endless war,” said Richards. According to the Veteran Administration, her son is 80 percent disabled and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.
“I am proud to know (Eve),” said Richards. “The ‘swarm’ is being built on the tremendous efforts of activists, such as Eve, in DC, and we hope to get many more into the halls of Congress during the next couple months.”

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