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Anti-Torture March and Nonviolent Resistance Action

This account of a powerful action on Wednesday is written by Mike Ferner, a great guy who is with Veterans For Peace. I participated in the march and the use of ashes on the sidewalk, but was not arrested. Mike has been with the Voices for Creative Nonviolence vigil on the West side of the Capitol Building during the last couple weeks. Some people with this vigil have been fasting as part of The Winter of Our Discontent Campaign.

15 Arrested At White House Protesting U.S. Torture Practices E-mail this
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Mike Ferner, Electronic Iraq, 2 March 2006

Washington – Fifteen people were arrested yesterday in front of the White House after winding their way for two hours through the streets of the nation's capital, demanding the U.S. stop torturing detainees in military prisons.

Members of Witness Against Torture began their protest at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, continuing to the Capitol and the Department of Justice, and ending at the White House where U.S. Park Police car…