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In Iraq, public anger is at last translating into unity

For four years, Britain and the US have aimed to encourage sectarianism, but ultimately they will fail to divide the country
By: Sami Ramadani
Tuesday March 20, 2007


Two catastrophes have been in the making since President Bush and Tony Blair launched their war on Iraq four years ago. Both are epoch-making, and their resolution will shape regional and world politics for decades to come.

The first catastrophe relates to the political and moral consequences of the war in the US and UK, and its resolution is the urgent task facing the American and British peoples. The second concerns the devastation wrought by the war and subsequent occupation, and the lack of a unified political movement within Iraq that might overcome it.

Bush and Blair are in a state of denial, only offering us more of the same. They allegedly launched the war at first to save the world from Saddam's WMD, then to establish democracy, then to fight al-Qaida's terrorism, and now to prevent civil war and Irani…

Counter-Recruitment Training Workshop, Saturday, March 31

The Washington Peace Center and CHOICES is co-hosting an intensive
six-hour training and workshop on military counter recruitment and the
most effective ways to prevent the militarization of youth in our
communities. We will be assisted by experts from the Center on
Conscience and War and other experts in the field.

Topics will include: Providing alternatives to youth, providing GI
support to potential conscientious objectors and those selecting to go
AWOL, strategies in the schools and at the school board and county
levels, and related laws to recruitment and military access to
students. The organizers believe peace activists need to be prepared
to go far beyond simple protests in front of military recruitment
offices, and to challenge the entire industry of military recruitment.

Time: 12 noon, Saturday, March 31st
Location: St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, 1820 Connecticut Ave., NW
For more info: Pete, 202-234-2000
Suggested donation will be $10

Nuclear Disarmament Discussion Friday

Nuclear Disarmament in 2007: A Potluck Discussion Hosted by The Washington Peace Center

For Immediate Release
Contact: Pete Perry, 202-234-2000

March 21, 2007

Washington – The issue of Nuclear Disarmament in 2007 will be the topic of a potluck dinner and informal discussion, Friday, March 23rd, 7 PM at St. Stephen The Incarnation Church at 16th and Newton Streets, NW.

The Washington Peace Center remains very concerned about nuclear conflict with the saber rattling off the coast of Iran, talk of China increasing its military presence and the U.S.’ own missile production increase.

Among those invited to the event is Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton who is expected to reintroduce the Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act the same week. Others invited include Michele Boyd of Public Citizen and Nick Ross of Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Members and friends of The Washington Peace Center, and individuals involved with peace work and disarmament are encouraged to attend.


Why Won't MoveOn Move Forward?

The biggest betrayal this week was MoveOn's decision to back the leadership's plan and continue funding the Iraq quagmire into 2009... It can no longer consider itself a progressive organization!

By: Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber,

This week marks the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. To commemorate the occasion, the online advocacy group is organizing more than 1,000 candlelight vigils throughout the United States. "We’ll solemnly honor the sacrifice made by more than 3,000 servicemen and women, and we'll contemplate the path ahead of us," states MoveOn's website. "We cannot send tens of thousands of exhausted, under-equipped, and unprepared troops into the middle of an Iraqi civil war. . . . Honor the sacrifice. Stop the escalation. Bring the troops home."

MoveOn's 3.2 million members strongly oppose any continuation of the war, and the language above seems to suggest that MoveOn's leadership…

I've graduated from "Idiot Liberal" to "Well-Intentioned Liberal"

Gee, thanks Democrats! I want the old Barbara Mikulski back, the liberal social worker turned community activist...

Mikulski counters protesters

Capital News Service

March 16, 2007

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski took to the Senate floor yesterday to respond to anti-war activists who occupied her Capitol Hill office in protest three times in four weeks, saying she will continue to vote for war funding in order to support the troops.

"You can sit-in every single day. You can follow me throughout my Senate career. You can follow me to my grave," Mikulski shouted at the conclusion of her speech on a supplemental funding request pending in Congress.

"I will not vote to, in any way, harm the men and women in the U.S. military, nor will I cut off the support to their families," the Maryland Democrat added. "I'm going to support this [Democratic leader Harry] Reid resolution."

The bill provides money to back President Bush's proposed troop increase …

David Obey, Tina and I

Nearly a week ago military mom Tina richards and I were caught on video during a rather heated exchange with Rep. David Obey (D-WI) who is the chair of the Appropriations Committee. His behavior was arrogant and rude. It is a prime example of the disconnect between those on Capitol Hill and the people, and it has gained a great deal of media cover.

He did finally apologize for his behavor. I didn't need it, but I am glad it was offered for Tina's sake -- her son who has already completed two tours of Iraq, and is suffering PTSD will soon probably be sent back for a third journey into hell. A hell that Congress continues to fund.

Here is Tina's response:

“How Will You End This War?”


I’ve received emails thanking me for speaking out on behalf of my son and other troops serving in Iraq. In addition, I’ve received questions about my exchange with Rep. David Obey that was videotaped by a citizens news group, Kathleen Gable and Tyler Westbrook, that is documenting the peace m…

Conscientious Objector Agustin Aguayo Sentenced to Eight Months

War Resisters' International, London, 07 March 2007
USA: Conscientious objector Agustin Aguayo sentenced to 8 months imprisonment

Yesterday, US conscientious objector Agustin Aguayo (US14915) was sentenced to eight months imprisonment by a US court martial in W├╝rzburg, Germany. Aguayo had been charged with desertion and missing movement of his unit. Besides being sentenced to eight months imprisonment, the court martial also ordered his degradation and a dishonourable discharge.

For almost three years, Aguayo tried to be recognised and discharged as conscientious objector - without success. On 1 September 2006, he refused to deploy with his
unit to Iraq, and fled from the military barracks inSchweinfurt, where he was serving as a medic. He presented himself on 26 September, and was imprisoned immediately.

During the trial, Agustin Aguayo again stated his conscientious objection, which lead him to go absent without leave to avoid being forced to deploy to Iraq. However, he
denied that h…