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By Max Obuszewski

In 2002, the Iraq Pledge of Resistance was formed to prevent a war
with Iraq. While we failed, we continued to engage in nonviolent
direct action to end the war and the occupation. Eventually, the
group, in expanding its focus, became the National Campaign for
Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR].

In light of the massive Capitol Climate Action on March 2nd, we would
like to take the opportunity to describe what we as a campaign have
committed ourselves to. We celebrate this opportunity to share our
thoughts with other progressive activists.

As a group with lots of direct action experience, NCNR has
consistently encouraged organizations and individuals to recognize the
difference between civil disobedience and civil resistance. We see
the difference as being important in the struggle for nonviolent,
positive social change.

The classic definition of civil disobedience, as practiced by the
civil rights movement, is the breaking of an unjust law with the
intent of changing it. In Montgomery…

Protesting AIPAC, their lair revealed

Today we protested AIPAC at their Washington office building, 251 H Street NW. We were confronted by an FBI agent who apparently works at the building (had a pass card for the building). We were there to identify their location (no identification on or around the building) and to raise awareness about one of the 10 most influential lobbies. They continually press for war against the Palestinian people and the denial of their basic human rights, two good reasons to protest against this organization.

AIPAC has an annual budget of more than $16 million and lobbies Congress for militaristic policies in the Middle East, including the $3 Billion military aid sent to Israel every year. The powerful voice of people for peace is ultimately stronger than any lobby for war. Together we must call for an end to US aid to Israel and justice for Palestinians suffering under military occupation. We want our political leaders to create policies that support human rights and peace for all.

We will be ret…

National Call-In: Free the Uighurs in Gitmo!

Hello friends,

Join us with Witness Against Torture's 100 Days Campaign in urging President Obama to take the first step in shutting down Gitmo and once and for all -- Free the Uighurs!

In September of 2008, the government formally conceded that none of the seventeen men is an enemy combatant. On October 7th, 2008, US District Court Judge Ricardo M. Urbina held that their continued imprisonment was unlawful and ordered the government to bring all seventeen Uighurs to his courtroom for release into the United States on appropriate conditions.

We join with the Uighurs' attorneys in calling on the government to release these innocent men in the only place they can be released – the United States. Bringing the Uighurs here is an important early step toward carrying out President Obama's executive Order. The executive should proceed directly with the transfer of the Uighurs by direct Executive action or by withdrawing the Bush administrations appeal of Judge Urbina's order.