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My Supreme Court Co-Defendant is running for Congress

Midge has gotten much further in her transformation, both personally and politically. She is a wonderfully passionate and committed activist who would do an excellent job in representing southwest Missouri.

She is setting new ethical standards as far as campaign finance. And she is combining fiscal conservatism with progressive international, environmental and civil liberty positions. I am donating to her campaign against the incredibly corrupt Roy Blunt.

Go Midge! Below is the recent AP story...

Midge Potts seeks change
Transgender politico enters GOP primary.

Published Sunday, April 16, 2006
SPRINGFIELD (AP) - In many ways, Midge Potts is like other everyday citizens who feel the call of politics. The self-described fiscal conservative and Eisenhower Republican is running a one-person primary campaign against five-term congressman and House Majority Whip Roy Blunt in southwest Missouri’s Seventh District.

A few things set Potts, 37, apart from many Republican candidates. She thinks Pre…

Two weeks in front of the DNC

The Democrats, despite continually voting to fund the war and occupation of Iraq, love to play the blame game! Here's my account of my weekly action at DNC Headquarters, 430 South Capitol Street, S.E. in D.C. I will continue this action until August, or if Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden (both seen as front-runners for '08)and DNC Chair Howard Dean come out against continued funding before that time.

Last week:

"Are you sure you are in the right place?"

"Go protest the Republicans."

Those are just two of the many comments I received during my first 20 minutes in front of Democratic National Headquarters wedged between South
Capitol and Canal Streets. I responded that I was appealing to the hearts of Democrats, and wished that they would stop spending billions and billions of
dollars on war and occupation. A lot of the staffers there are young and white, and a lot of them looked annoyed that I would dare to critic size
their party. A few gave me quick discrete thumbs-up…