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Press release on my latest arrest

*Four Peaceful Demonstrators Arrested On Rumsfeld's Doorstep
Activists attempted to deliver a message asking peace in Iraq and Iran*

WASHINGTON - May 19 - Four peaceful demonstrators were arrested at 5:30pm today as they attempted to deliver a message of peace to Donald Rumsfeld's residence on 2206 Kalorama Road in Washington, D.C. They were charged with unlawful entry for nonviolently attempting to deliver the message, which urged the Secretary of Defense to end the war in Iraq, not go to war with Iran, bring all U.S. troops home now, and stop the torture of detainees.

The four arrested are: Peter Perry, 36; David Barrows, 52; Katie Heald, 27; and Mari Blome, 50. The protesters are members of the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) and CODEPINK: Women for Peace.

The attempted delivery and subsequent arrests followed a march from the White House to Donald Rumsfeld's residence. The 150-person march down the streets of Washington, D.C. began after demonstrators delivered a petition with …

Perhaps the PDA should grow some backbone itself

The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) has quite a following within the peace movement. However, I am critical of their hostility to supporting progressive anti-war third-party candidates in the general election cycle.

Here is my recent letter to them:

I believe Kevin has this right. PDA's unwillingness to support independent or third party anti-war candidates against a more corporate/"middle-of-the-road" Democrat in the general election in many ways effectively makes them a tool of the status quo. I admire many involved with PDA, but I think they need to realize the political terrain underneath them is shifting.

I asked a couple of them two weeks ago if they would endorse the candidacy of a friend of mine who is vehemently anti-war and calling for Bush's impeachment. They replied no, as this person is running a a Republican. Never mind that she's running as a Republican in an open primary against the incredibly corrupt Roy Blunt. So there you have it. Should we…

Old news but still interesting

I keep forgetting to post this on my blog... I interupted Condi Rice's opening statement at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the supplemental funding for war and occupation of Iraq about six weeks ago. These hearing are open to the public. A day before five of us interrupted the House committee. Then the next morning I went by myself to the Senate hearing. I only wished I had waited a little longer, as only four senators were assembled when I stood and asked all of them: How many of you have children in this illegal and immoral war? Blood is on your hands and you cannot wash it off." But I was caught by CNN, NBC Nightly and NPR, as well as mentions in AP and Reuters.

Here is a portion of an MSNBC story:

Democratic senators were skeptical.

“You’ve been telling the American people that the situation in Iraq is not that dire,” said Sen. Herb Kohl of Wisconsin. “But Mr. Secretary, with all due respect and speaking for a majority of the American people, that is hard to s…