Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tired but writing...

Good evening one and all... I am at home writing for my Traveller campaign, and getting a start on a novella. This story will be dear to my heart.It is a look at a future where we have lost basically all of our civil liberties, and corporations control our food, our media, our politicians. Doesn't sound far off from what we have now!

But anyhow, I am re-committing myself to supporting local businesses. You will soon see more restaurant reviews/shout-outs here. Why am I excited about turning my back on some major corporations? Well, one is the recent expression of blatant and outrageous greediness of Papa John's owner and CEO. He refuses to raise the price of his pizza 11 to 14 cents in order to help cover his worker's health insurance. In fact, he is slashing all of their hours so there's no way they could qualify as full-time employees entitled to some important benefits in a civilized society that actually begins to care about its workers. This callous creature has been gaining more and more profits each year, lives in a 40,000 square foot mansion and has something like a 20+ car garage. These people are a menace to our country.

OK, glad to have gotten that off my chest. But here's a link to the petition directed at this asshole.

Glad I have begun to write more. It's a good feeling to create, and exercise my mind. Hope many of you find sometime soon to utilize your creativity and tap into your talents. Big smile as Bruno rests his head on my left foot, as if encouraging me to do what I enjoy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Political Abstractions and Good Food

Winter seems to be rolling in about a month early here in DC, and yesterday was the election. One wing of the corporate party won more electoral college points than the other. More drone wars killing thousands of civilians, more off-shore drilling furthering our fossil fuel addiction, and more jobs will now be shipped overseas with the soon-to-be signed Trans-Pacific Free Trade Pact. Sadly, the American people and the future of our planet is not benefiting from the destructive and exploitive nature of our current political system. As Americans, we are also harshly divided over vague and outdated ideologies, which are little more than abstract and little understood titles we hang on one another -- chief among these are capitalism and socialism. Neither in any of their original purity exist in reality today.

In better news, I have been enjoying some meals here in the Eastern Market neighborhood of DC. One of my favorite food haunts is Tortilla Cafe, 210 7th Street SE, Washington, DC. Owned and operated by and El Salvadoran family, their papusas are delicately made and delicious, their burritos are generous in size and filled with fresh ingredients, but one of my favorite items now since I have been cutting way down on my meat intake is their vegetarian taco salad -- good sized, cheaply priced and mouth-watering! If you haven't tried this humble in appearance eatery, across from the historical Eastern Market, please visit and enjoy! 

Also, want a good pizza delivery place in this area -- try NY Pizza! Cheap, delicious. I was also impressed they delivered to me during Hurricane Sandy! For Chinese delivery try Hunan Dynasty. They also have decent sushi and their Mongolian Lamb is simply mouth-watering goodness!

This may be a cold winter ahead. I hope to write more often in this blog. Bruno seems to be enjoying the cold more than me. However, when we are on the couch he curls up closer to me.