Sunday, September 16, 2012

Less activism, more work!

Hello dear readers,

I am sorry that I have written so little on this blog during 2012. No, I am not going to comment on the presidential race between the two wings of the corporate party. I will say that Presidential Green candidate Jill Stein will of course get my vote, and I am pleased that she will appear on more state ballots than any other Green presidential candidate before (I think the number is above 40 now). I landed a much better paying job, which I enjoy. I am continuing to game. I am the GM of a cool Traveller campaign, which will have its first full-length session later today.

I guess you will now see more writings about role-playing games, movies, and restaurants here. But let me pull your attention toward the wonderful canoe trip I just came back from in Maine. I enjoyed canoeing down the Penobscot River with college buddy Matt, before enjoying two nights and three days on the Maine coast in and around Acadia National Park. If you have never been to Maine -- go! It's a fantastic and gorgeous corner of the world. Mainers are nice, the seafood is great, and the sites sounds and smells are memorable.

One little town we spent some time in is Winter Harbor. We enjoyed some wonderful home-styled cooking at Chase's restaurant, and wandered into the charming library, which is a former chapel built by stones carried to the site by many townspeople more than 200 years ago. The Penobscot was fun, too although we got rained on a bit. We saw a total of four moose, lots of loons, a couple ospreys, a blue heron, and a bald eagle! It was a good time, and I would recommend Katahdin Outfitters if you want to do a similar excursion.

I am back home now with Bruno the best Basset, and rather happy if less politically active. My friend Matt had a blast; his first time in Maine.

Restaurant reviews coming soon -- a focus on my neighborhood here in Eastern Market!