Sunday, March 25, 2007

Counter-Recruitment Training Workshop, Saturday, March 31

The Washington Peace Center and CHOICES is co-hosting an intensive
six-hour training and workshop on military counter recruitment and the
most effective ways to prevent the militarization of youth in our
communities. We will be assisted by experts from the Center on
Conscience and War and other experts in the field.

Topics will include: Providing alternatives to youth, providing GI
support to potential conscientious objectors and those selecting to go
AWOL, strategies in the schools and at the school board and county
levels, and related laws to recruitment and military access to
students. The organizers believe peace activists need to be prepared
to go far beyond simple protests in front of military recruitment
offices, and to challenge the entire industry of military recruitment.

Time: 12 noon, Saturday, March 31st
Location: St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, 1820 Connecticut Ave., NW
For more info: Pete, 202-234-2000
Suggested donation will be $10

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