Friday, August 10, 2007

Sheehan to challenge Pelosi

I was there the day about three weeks ago when Cindy announced she was running against Pelosi. It was outside of Rep. John Conyers'office. I think change is in the air, and all politics is local. The San Fran area is perhaps the most staunchly progressive in the whole country. Tomorrow morning I will be dropping a check for Cindy's campaign in the mail.

Peace activist seeks SF-area House seat
Associated Press report

Citing her son as inspiration, a tearful Cindy Sheehan announced her candidacy Thursday for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The anti-war activist, a former resident of Vacaville, said she will run as an independent against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has represented San Francisco in Congress since 1987.

"The country is ripe for a change," said Sheehan, who spoke at a news conference in San Francisco, with her slain son's photograph attached to the podium. "It's going to start right here and right now."

Sheehan's 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed in Iraq in 2004. Since then, she has gained international notoriety by setting up camp outside President Bush's Texas ranch and demanding to meet with the president.

Last month, she announced her intention to run against Pelosi if the speaker didn't move to impeach Bush by July 23. On Thursday, she said Pelosi had "protected the status quo" of the corporate elite and had lost touch with people in her district, most of whom, she said, want American troops out of Iraq.

Nadeam Elshami, a Pelosi aide, said the speaker has always opposed the war in Iraq and has focused on bringing troops home "safely and soon." He would not comment on Sheehan's candidacy.

Sheehan admitted she has no funds for a campaign, but said she plans to immediately get started raising money. Without giving further specifics, Sheehan said she wouldn't accept money from corporations and would run on a platform of universal health care. Sheehan said she also wants to make college affordable and improve ethics in the legislative and executive branches.

She also said the money being spent on the war in Iraq would be better spent domestically.

Daniel Ellsberg, the former high-level Pentagon analyst who in 1969 leaked the Pentagon Papers to Congress and the media, showed his support for Sheehan. Ellsberg was arrested twice with other protesters outside Bush's Texas ranch.

"At the moment, facing a well-funded, powerful incumbent without party support, the odds against Cindy appear insuperable," Ellsberg said. "But we plan to change that."


lovable liberal said...

Hi peteindc. Since comments are gold for marginal bloggers like you and me, I thought I'd let you know that I replied to your message over at my place.

PeteinDC said...

I guess we can agree to disagree. My friend, you are clearly wed to the same old same old -- corporate two/one party system. I believe in a nonviolent revolution.

lovable liberal said...

Your very approach to politics is to irritate and annoy your potential allies. I doubt you could revolutionize a PTA meeting.

So you believe in nonviolent revolution. So what. What can you do?

PeteinDC said...

What can I do? I have organized many events and actions in the nation's capitol. And I will help build the revolution -- as Thomas Jefferson said we need one approximately every 20 years.

Peace be with you, friend. Clearly we view the political landscape differently. And we are both entitled to our beliefs. Frankly, I have no ill will toward you.

I just happen to have lost nearly all faith in our current government -- having spent the vast majority of my life in close proximity to it.