Thursday, May 24, 2007

My friend Eve Tetaz Arrested Again!

Last time, Eve was released at about midnight. This time she is being held overnight in Central Cell Block. She should be arraigned around 1 PM at c-10 at Indiana Avenue. However, we are unsure if she will be released as she violated a stay away order when she was arrested, and has three other pending cases!

For Immediate Release May 24, 2007

Pete Perry, 571-271-1313
Tina Richards, 573-247-8059

WASHINGTON – A 75-year-old retired schoolteacher was arrested
Thursday when a group of peace activists descended on Capitol Hill to
demand an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.
Eve Tetaz of 17th Street, NW was part of a peace tour, which
started with a ride on the Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus. The pack of
activists are part of the "Swarm on Congress" planned to last until
Congress' summer break. The group had earlier joined a press
conference with Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH).
Tetaz was arrested when the group left the press conference and tried
to enter the Senate Hart office Building.
"I cannot allow my government to continue funding these actions
in my name," Tetaz said. "No human being is 'collateral damage' – all
life is sacred."
Although affiliated with the National Campaign of Nonviolent
Resistance and Code Pink. Tetaz said her decision to enter the Hart
Building and violate an earlier stay away order from a previous
peaceful demonstration was her own personal choice.
Within the last year, Tetaz has been arrested several times for
nonviolent protest. Monday she violated her probation resulting from
an arrest in Sen. John McCain's office, and may face a month in the
D.C. Jail.
The "Swarm on Congress" was initiated by, led
by military mom Tina Richards.
"We cannot allow Congress to continue funding this illegal and
endless war," said Richards. According to the Veteran Administration,
her son, Cloy Richards, is 80 percent disabled and suffers from
post-traumatic stress disorder.
The arrest occurred while most congressional Democrats seemed to be
caving into granting President Bush $120 billion more to continue the
war and occupation in Iraq.
"I will not stand idly by when so much innocent life is
destroyed," Tetaz said.
A retired D.C. public schoolteacher for 30 years, Tetaz is the
founder of Life Pathways, a non-profit organization helping single
parents become financially independent and trained in the field of
health care. A member of the Church of the Savior, Tetaz has been an
advocate for the poor on issues of economics and social justice.


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