Saturday, May 12, 2007

Come to DC, End War and Occupation

Swarm on Congress:
This summer has the potential to be a significant moment in the history of the end of the Iraq War. We made lots of progress in the first part of the year putting pressure on the Democrats to use the power of the purse, but our power will increase as we get closer to elections -- if we use it. We need to let incumbents of both parties know they will lose votes if they vote for war funding. That is a message for Republicans and Democrats who continue to vote billions for the war.

While we are working to get people to come to DC to participate, activists in the DC area are going to play a key role in the summer of anti-war activities. Peace activists in DC, Maryland and Virginia will need to play a core role for the summer's efforts to build on.

Tina mentions the "SWARM on Congress." This will begin on May 14th with Cindy Sheehan's Mother of a March and extend through July 31. The “SWARM” will build on the successful efforts of activists in DC and around the country who have been
occupying offices, protesting in the Halls of Congress and sending a consistent message. It will build on the Occupation Project, Voices for Creative Non-Violence, and the Declaration of Peace as well as the work of Code Pink and our Maryland
peace coalition Already, key anti-war groups are supporting this effort including United For Peace and Justice and Voters For Peace, among others.

The summer of 2007 will be a historical one that will be noted as the turning point in efforts to end the war. The very visible and dramatic activities of the SWARM in the nation’s capitol will be one of the key steps taken by the peace movement to end the war.

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