Friday, June 22, 2012

Visited Ecuadorian Embassy, expressed support for Julian Assange

Today was a very small protest at the Ecuadorian Embassy, as part of a campaign pleading with that country's president to grant asylum to WikiLeaks founder and journalist Julian Assange. Currently Assange is staying inside the London embassy waiting for a decision.

Here is an email, I sent out earlier this evening to other activists:

Hi all,

Well, despite the low numbers I consider it a success! Within the first 10 minutes David, Steve and myself were invited into the embassy where we met with the Deputy Chief of the Mission Efrain Baus Palacios. He listened to what each of us had to say, and was very sympathetic. He said the embassy is receiving thousands of e-mails every single day supporting Assange, and urging Ecuador to grant him asylum. He said Pres. Correa is presently reviewing all legal issues connected to the case, and is not sure when a decision will be announced. He also said Assange has his own bathroom with a shower and a bed, but it is indeed just an office building and there's not much space. He was very polite and thanked us for coming. He did say all of our concerns have been reflected in the thousands of e-mails received. We expressed heartfelt disenchantment with our own government (David even stated the government does not represent him), and cited the abuse of Bradley Manning as proof of both the military and federals', criminal behavior. We ended it by thanking him and I complimented him on his country and his home town of Quito, also the capital.

We were each given his business card. I plan on staying in touch as this proceeds. I think there will be twists and turns ahead in this saga. 

In peace and resistance,


Carol Moore said...

Just can't keep libertarians like Assange down, can ya? :-)

Anonymous said...

Really? I see Assange more of a 21st century anarchist rather than a libertarian. Then again, I haven't had a conversation with him.