Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reflections on Reality and Fantasy

Super diva Donna Summer, 63, passed this week. I should have known I was gay when I enjoyed dancing to her inspirational and soulful singing when I was 10 years-old. Beyond her glorious days of disco, Ms. Summer never quite made a successful comeback, nor was she ultimately successful in battling cancer. That's the beautiful and sad reality of many lives; great but often unfulfilled and over far too soon.

On the activism front, I am still on my sabbatical, however, a few weeks ago a major highlight thus far this year for me was attending a pre-trial court hearing for Pvt. Bradley Manning, the greatest government whistle blower since Daniel Ellsberg. He is once again being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, although his own government is trying to put him away for life. I was overjoyed to see Bradley smiling in court and engaging in detailed conversations with his attorney. He seemed engaged and a bit hopeful during the proceedings.

At one point, Bradley entered the court from near the back and therefore had to pass by where we were sitting, I was standing and facing him at this moment and brief eye contact with this brave young American. I smiled and nodded at him, he seemed to notice and met my gaze for a couple seconds.

Although the defense is not yet winning many rulings from the judge (the most serious Aiding the Enemy charge remains), I would like to think Bradley remains hopeful. I know that I would need any tiny piece of hope to cling onto if I was facing life in prison. Such as reality these days in the USA: Tell the truth, try inform others of the truth -- and you could be punished severely.

So, I guess I am once again escaping reality by playing more games. And having a blast while I am at it! Besides it is a wonderful creative outlet and a good opportunity to mix it up with like minded geeks.

I have loved Dungeons and Dragons ever since I was 12 years-old. But I do not care for 4th edition, nor do millions of other geeks. That's why many of us have fallen in love with Pathfinder! Paizo who created Pathfinder is in many ways stealing D&D from D&D's owners at Wizards of The Coast (Hasbro). I understand it is now outselling D&D 4E!

So, in regards to Pathfinder, my campaign has been suspended for the near future, and Dave from our Arlington troupe has started running a campaign for us using the Carrion Crown published mods. I am having a fantastic time playing a young passionate, and impetuous, bard. Good fun for the whole geeky family -- zombies included!

As part of my fun escapism I am planning a Traveller campaign right after the release of the forthcoming Ridley Scott film, "Prometheus"! Not sure yet if I will use Mongoose Classic Traveller or the Cthonian Stars setting (which is a lot closer to our current time. Regardless it will have a lot of sexy intrigue and horror in traditional Lovecraft-style.

So, anyhow, game on! Imagine and create fantastic worlds... I know I will be for sometime to come -- until I can't resist the urge to get involved in a movement once again which will be about building a better reality in our own world.

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