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Transitions in Pete's World

I told myself I was going to write a huge blog entry on all things going on with me personally, professionally, and activism-wise. I am at the end of significant relationship and will be moving into a fun home in College Park in August. I get to keep the dog, my number one canine -- Bruno -- and my new housemates are enthusiastically welcoming him! The resident feline, however, does not seem to enthused. I think the two can still warm up to each other, and frankly I doubt Bruno even really understands all things cat.

In regards to my profession, I have been studying a bit for the certified archivist exam on August 11th. Although I have been told by some that since I have a master's degree in library and information science with some archives classes (and work experience), I don't really need this certification. Personally, I think it will strengthen my candidacy as I continue to job search (which has been a long and often disappointing process). However, I am very close to landing a fairly decent job at the Library of Congress, which will strengthen some archival skills. I will have to let you know when that final decision happens.

Activism, well still involved in the NoVa Greens -- at least until I move to Maryland. A week from tomorrow I will be doing the first full-length episode of NoVa Greens talk! My guest will be anti-mountaintop removal activist Bo Webb. He is a native West Virginian living in the heart of the coal fields and is with Coal River Mountain Watch, which I have heard of and been impressed with their work. Currently I am reading Coal River by Michael Shnayerson. This is all part of a build up to a late September mobilization called Appalachia Rising.

Anti-war/anti-torture stuff -- there have been a bunch of acquittals in DC. First 24 activists with Witness Against Torture were acquitted of Unlawful Assembly both inside the Capitol Rotunda and the east steps of the Capitol Building. This was a major victory for First Amendment Rights! Another First Amendment victory was the acquittal of the indomitable Cindy Sheehan and two others stemming from a March 20 protest at the White House. Superstar activist attorney Mark Goldstone was involved in both cases. Congratulations are in order for Mark, as he is now turning around his win-loss average.

Money continues to be very tight, so activism will need to take a back seat to just working, earning money, pinching pennies. But I don't have much to complain about. I have my baby dog Bruno to fulfill my devoted love and companionship quotient. And regards to my hobby of role-playing games, sadly my Pathfinder campaign maybe going on a hiatus, as right now I need to hold down a second part-time gig in addition tot he historical society. Major bummer, but I am sure I'll be able to pick up this past-time again in a month or two!


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