Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There are no leaders -- We are the leaders!

The National Anti-war Assembly in Cleveland just got a little more important. I sent this out to a lot of local organizers and others in the movement late last night:

This evening at our coalition organizing meeting it was revealed that UFPJ does not want to do anything for the inauguration, and will in fact will try and dissuade their member groups from doing anything on the inauguration. ANSWER may be similar; they have obtained permits, but have indicated that a lot depends on who wins the election.I was disappointed. However I was glad there was a lot of energy at our meeting and folks wanted to do something. There will be a big action(s) on January 20th!

A lot of folks are afraid of doing something too close to MLK Day. The fact is we SHOULD be doing something because it is MLK Day. We need to honor King's legacy, not just a part of it -- but ALL of it. And that includes challenging militarism, and concretely working toward the beloved community he envisioned.

Personally, it will make no difference to me if the new president is Obama or McCain. Both have pledged to increase the size of the military, and both have pledged fealty to AIPAC. We will have a great action that day, drawing attention to the social needs at home, which are being neglected, while both Democrats and Republicans continue to fund war and occupation to the tune of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars!

In peace and resistance,

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