Thursday, May 22, 2008

My friend Toby held over night after interrupting Petraeus

WASHINGTON -- California peace activist Toby Blome will be arraigned in DC Superior Court Friday after she interrupted General David Petraeus during a Senate confirmation hearing.

Petraeus was confirmed to be the new leader of Central Command. Blome stood and challenged the general to immediately end the illegal and immoral war and occupation of Iraq.

Blome was a co-defendant in the Rumsfeld 4 trial in the fall of 2006. That jury trial stemmed from a protest in former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's front yard, and ended in a hung jury. The government decided not to retry the peaceful protesters.

A member of Code Pink, Blome has helped organize many protests outside of Nancy Pelosi's home in the Bay area. Friends and fellow activists will be in DC Superior Court (500 Indiana Avenue NW) awaiting her arraignment and release Friday afternoon.

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