Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brief report on Gilda's encounter with Laura

Mike Ferner with VFP reported on what happened between First Lady Laura Bush and Gilda Carbonaro, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq...

Mike wrote yesterday:
gilda carbonaro did a fine job. she waited in line (it stretched outside the building a hundred feet or more) for a half hour, and purchased a copy of "read all about it" (a requirement to get in line) by jenna and laura bush so she could get it signed and have a couple moments with them. gilda took two signed, laminated copies of her letter (attached) with her, and when she got to the head of the line calmly asked the two bushes to please read it. gilda said that before they could actually take it from her, a secret service person swooped in from nowhere and grabbed the letters. gilda asked the bush women if they would please still read it. jenna said she would, but chances are slim that will happen.

and that, as they say, was it. no protesters showed up, and no press showed up as far as i could tell, except for one photog from "polaris" (like getty, they sell images to newspapers and web sites) to catch the letter delivery, but before she could snap a picture the borders security people hustled her out.

i had printed 150 copies of gilda's excellent letter to distribute to protesters and passers and they're still in my knapsack, along with a 15-ft banner my wife, sue, painted that says, "mrs. bush, your kids are safe. ours are dying in iraq."

so that's about all there is to report, unfortunately. i'll write up something, featuring gilda's letter, for places like counterpunch to try and get a little exposure on it.

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