Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love and Web site design

The headline are two topics puzzling me right now. I am in love, although I don't say it very often. However, it is Valentine's Day so I thought I would honor that fact. I even signed my e-mail to that person with the L word today, but not expecting it in return. I know, I know I thought I wouldn't go into this again. But it is where I am. Perhaps it's OK to love someone and not have the same kind of love returned. However, he loves me as a friend. Maybe that's enough for me at this point, and most of the time that feels fine to me, as we see each other very often.

For my one class, I have to do a prototype for a digital archives. Yes, no small task. I am just wondering how flashy does the professor really want us to make our prototype? He realizes that just about all of us in his class are Web design novices. Anyhow, I will be spending my Valentine's Day and tomorrow working on this and trying to have fun while I do it. That's the best way to approach a project which seems frustrating; try and do it in a way that will be fun. Now back to work!

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