Sunday, December 09, 2007

Declaration of Peace's 9-Point Peace Plan

1. An End to All Funding for U.S. Military Operations in Iraq

2. Safe and Rapid Withdrawal of All U.S. Troops and Coalition Forces
from Iraq, With No Future Deployments

3. No Permanent U.S. Military Bases or Installations in Iraq

4. Support for an Iraqi-led Peace Process, Including a Peace Conference
to Shape a Post-occupation Transition

5. Return Control of Iraqi Oil to the People of Iraq, as Well as Complete
Sovereignty in their Economic and Political Affairs

6. Support for Reparations and Reconstruction to Address the
Destruction Caused by the U.S. Invasion, Military Occupation,
and Thirteen Years of Economic Sanctions

7. Establish a U.S. “Peace Dividend” for Job Creation, Health Care,
Education, Housing, and Other Vital Social Needs at Home

8. Increased Support for U.S. Veterans of the Iraq war

9. No War Against Iran or Any Other Nation


Anonymous said...

#8 - how about reparations for the 1/3 of women soldiers raped or sexually assaulted by other soldiers?

PeteinDC said...

I agree, good need there.