Friday, September 21, 2007

Student first, activist second

For the last couple months I knew it was coming, but now the wonderful anti-war nonviolent direct action INSIDE the Capitol Building has come and gone, I will be suspending my organizing activities with the peace and justice movement for two years while I am in grad school. I am studying Library and Info. Sciences at CUA, and following my completion I will need a few months starting my new career before I return to organizing. Sadly, I think the U.S. military occupation of the nation of Iraq will still be continuing, and we may also be engaged in a war with Iran at that point. So there will be a lot to organize around. Furthermore, D.C. will still not have a vote in Congress and our government will be spending more on military expenditures than health care and housing. So, there will be a lot of work for an anarchist archivist/librarian to help organize and support.

The action yesterday inside the Capitol Building resulted in 36 people arrested. This was a joint nonviolent direct action by the National Campaign of Nonviolent Resistance and the Declaration of Peace. It was powerful, there was some independent media which caught parts of it, so I may soon be posting something further.

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Anonymous said...

Library Science! How fascinating!!
So many opportunities in business, government -- and still the old standby, working with children and teenagers. Good Luck! Joan