Sunday, January 21, 2007

The truth about Hillary

The former first lady, Hillary R. Clinton, has announced her formal candidacy for the Democratic nomination of president. If the party selects her as president it would be a grave mistake. It would be a solidifying of the Democrats' timidity, an embracing of a hollow middle ground where it becomes more Republican-lite than a true opposition party. Of course there are the dumbasses that can't resist the cool factor of voting for a former first lady, or the need to vote for any female Democrat running for president. But I think in the end, most Democrats will look into their souls and realize that not only do they no longer want to be the party of timidity, they'll realize that Hillary doesn't really stand for much at all. I mean what the heck are her core values? It sure beats me!

Hillary stepped away from universal health care when it failed during her hubby's tenure in office. Now, in her recent announcement, she says she wants to secure health care for "more" Americans. Well, *more* could be 100 or 1,000 -- sure is a hell of a long way from universal health care. Recent legislation Sen. Kennedy has been introducing goes a longer way toward a more just and progressive goal. This is another sell-out for Hillary.

Hillary has flip-flopped so many times on the Iraq War and Occupation (which I now simply cut down to one word: Quagmire), it makes onlookers dizzy, and makes Kerry look like an innocent altar boy. In her recent announcement she says she wants the "right end" to the military involvement in Iraq. What possibly could be the right end? Another 3,000 U.S. soldiers dead and another 100,000 Iraqis dead? And for what purpose does this quagmire continue for one more day? What could possibly make this tragic and costly quagmire "right"? It seems Hillary wants it two ways here -- and the reality is she can't.

In the final analysis, Obama and Edwards are stronger and more progressive candidates than Hillary. They also would likely appeal to more independents during a general election than the polarizing and often vilified Mrs. Clinton. They have staked out more progressive positions, and clearly posses stronger leadership skills.

I remember reading an article a couple years ago about Hillary and Bill during their school years, it relied on many of their school chums as sources. Turns out Hillary always loved power, and although she fell for a guy who wanted to be a professor, she betrayed her own heart to go for Bill who was going places. Evidence of a true megalomaniac.

I just hope most Democrats see the light, until then this Green will just watch from the sidelines.

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