Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Welcome to D.C.'s Left Wing Blog

Hi, I am a D.C. native and this is my left wing blog. This is where I get to share my ideas, my beliefs and my political convictions.

I believe our system of government is broken, and that only a popular bottom-up nonviolent mass revolution will be able to set our country on an enlightened path away from its continual destructive and immoral patterns of behavior engaged in on both a national and international scale.

I will be posting news, editorial, satire, reviews and random poltical and philosophical ramblings here. I hope to get some additions and feedback from my readers.

I quit the Democrats about two weeks after the 2004 election in November. I could no longer stay with a party that was basically complicit in Bush's crimes, his deceit, his extreme treachery. The Democrats are weak at best; they no longer present an opposition party or even a decent alternative to those dissatisfied with the increasingly one-party agenda of Our Nation. The Greens, I believe, do present a thoughtful, progressive and moral alternative.

In September both the United for Peace and Justice and Act Now to Stop War and End Racism will be holding massive peace and justice mobilizations in my hometown of D.C. I hope people will come to town to march on 9/24, and then engage in nonviolent direct action and/or civil disobedience on 9/26. Personally, I am an active member of a very active antiwar group locally. www.dawndc.net

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